Apply For Funding: Douglas/Schwartz Annual Emerging Investigators Research Award

Douglas/Schwartz Annual Emerging Investigators Research Award

To honor the memory of two of our original Board members, Sir Neil Douglas and Dr. Jonathan Schwartz, and their many contributions to the field of Sleep Medicine research and education, the ResMed Foundation will administer a $100,000 USD annual research grant funded by ResMed's Medical Affairs department. This grant will be used to fund an annual research award to be known as the Douglas/Schwartz Emerging Investigators Research Award. This award provides $100,000 to an early-stage career clinical research professional, who submits a research proposal that aligns with the research interests of the ResMed Foundation and is selected from among the proposals submitted for that year. The inaugural award will be decided and announced in late 2022 with a start date of January 2023.


  • Provide a Cover Letter explaining your previous accomplishments, what area you are currently working on, any current institutional and/or extramural support for your research, and how this award will impact your work over the next 12 - 24 months. Please limit the letter to 3 pages maximum.
  • Provide your Curriculum Vitae, For U.S., include a standard NIH Biographical Sketch; for non-U.S., provide similar information in your format, but be sure to include A. Current Position Title; B. Education/Training beginning with baccalaureate including for each degree or training period the Institution and Location, Degree (if applicable), Completion Date, Field of Study; C. a Personal Statement; D. Positions, Scientific Appointments, and Honors; and E. summarize your Contributions to Sciences including full references to scientific papers.
  • Provide a letter from the Head of your Department (or other appropriate institutional official) stating that, if selected, the institution will accept the Research Award and the research may be conducted at your Institution.
  • Provide two confidential Letters of Reference, signed and on letterhead, and emailed to Kristi Burlingame at
  • Please note that the award is given to the institution for the support of research by the recipient in accord with normal institutional processes. Also, the ResMed Foundation does not pay overhead, fees or additional amounts for the Emerging Investigators Research Award.


Grant proposals will be reviewed annually and should be submitted according to the following timeline:

Application Deadlines:

September 15

Decision Made By:

November 30