Grant Recipients

Each year the ResMed Foundation provides grants for Clinical Research, Physician and Public Awareness of the hazards of sleep-disordered breathing. In addition, the Foundation funds a limited number of Community organizations. Below is a representative sampling of a few of the grants that have been awarded:


Brigham and Women's Hospital at Harvard University

"A Planning Study: Sleep Apnea Intervention to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease." A three-year planning study to evaluate alternative study design features that address the potential for OSA treatment to reduce cardiovascular disease, and to identify those features that would strengthen a later, large-scale Phase 3 randomized control. Study will address critical study design issues related to subject recruitment, choice of control arms, methods for maximizing CPAP adherence in a clinical trial and choice of clinical outcomes responsive to intervention.

Sykehuset Østfold, Norway

"Chronic Heart Failure - Cheyne Stokes Respiration - CS2." An investigation to determine if ASAV-therapy will reduce inflammation markers and BNP in heart failure patients with Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

Skaraborg Hospital, Sweden

"Randomized Intervention with CPAP in Coronary Artery Disease and OSA." A randomized controlled trial addressing the impact of CPAP in revascularized CAD patients with concomitant OSA without daytime sleepiness. The primary end-point is the combined rate of new revascularization, myocardial infarction, stroke and cardiovascular mortality over a three-year period.


Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine

"Sleep Disordered Breathing/OSA: A Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine Education Web Site." The technical production of a web based educational module on SDB/OSA for 1) the general public; 2) those at-risk for SDB/OSA; and 3) healthcare providers engaged with this at-risk population.

Joslin Diabetes Center

"OSA and the Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Clinical Perspectives and Interrelationships." An internet based education program with interactive training, tools and resources to support behavior change relative to the delay in the diagnosis of OSA due to improper recognition of the subtle symptoms as be related to this condition, as well as other gaps.

USA Science and Engineering Festival

An educational science festival held on The Mall in Washington, DC that attracted over 200,000 people.