Apply For Funding: Physician and Public Awareness Proposals

Application Process & Checklist of Required Attachments

  • Complete the Proposal Cover Sheet, providing all requested information
  • Write and provide a Proposal Narrative
  • Provide a list of current board members, officers and staff
  • Provide proposed program budget, as well as organization's annual budget
  • Provide audited financial statement from most recent year
  • Provide proof of federal and state not-for-profit status (IRS tax exempt determination letter) and EIN (Federal tax ID number)


Grant proposals should be submitted according to the following timeline:

Application Deadline:
June 15
December 15
Decision Made By:
July 31
January 31


Proposals are reviewed and recommendations made to fund or decline by the Scientific Review Committee. They are then reviewed and a final decision to approve or decline made by the Board of Trustees. In reviewing a proposal, the Proposal Evaluation Criteria will be used as a guideline to determine the study's fundability.

Be sure to include all required documentation, including a detailed budget for the project. Incomplete applications will delay the approval process.


Kristi Burlingame
Executive Director
ResMed Foundation
7514 Girard Avenue
Suite I-343
La Jolla, CA 92037

t: 858-361-0755

Applications may be submitted via the web: Apply Online.